Fun with lighting

I'm home for the holidays and catching up on my blog. I've been learning a lot about lighting this semester from Greg Heisler who is a new professor at Newhouse. He is a master of light, an incredible teacher and an inspiring mentor. This is my favorite portrait I've made so far:

    Marcus Stanley  as Dionysus. 


Marcus Stanley as Dionysus. 

The studio is such a fun place to explore, play and create. It's been a fun challenge creating a canvas with interesting light rather than finding it in the world. While I still see my work continuing in a photojournalistic tradition, don't be surprised if you see me in a studio more often.


Just wanted to share this photograph I made today of Lydia and her daughter, Lydianyz taking a nap.

I've been spending time with Lydia and her family this semester working a story about teen mothers in Syracuse.  I'm always humbled and amazed when I am able to witness these small, intimate moments.

Nothing better than an afternoon nap on a cloudy Sunday.