Sneak Peek from my Summer in Nashville

I know, I know. I was supposed to be doing this blog thing in earnest. Instead, it's been four months since I've said a damn thing.  All I will say is that grad school is a time suck. A worthwhile, incredible time suck, but a time suck all the same. However, today I am very excited to share a small snippet of my summer adventures! 

As some of you know, I spent six weeks of my summer photographing Bells Bend, a rural community northwest of downtown Nashville. It is an incredible place that has fought off development for more than a generation and has embraced a group of young, organic farmers that have moved to the area over the past six years. It is one of the last rural neighborhoods directly outside Nashville, a city that is rapidly growing and changing. "The Bend" is not only special for its pastoral beauty, but for the community of people, young and old, that have bonded over their love of their neighborhood.

This is only a small introduction to this wonderful place that I had, and continue to have, the privilege to document. I've already been back once this Fall and will be flying back in a couple of weeks for a Bells Bend wedding! I'm working on a lot of exciting manifestations of this project and will try to update as often as I can.

Thanks to my dear friend, the incredibly talented photo editor, Erika Colbertaldo, for this beautiful edit.  And if any of you happen to find yourselves in Nashville before the harvest is over, head to a local farmers market and buy some produce from Bells Bend Farm, Six Boots Growers Collective and Old School Farm or some flowers from Humble Flowers.

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Pete of Six Boots Growers Collective.

Pete of Six Boots Growers Collective.